Endoscopy Container

Endoscopy container systems are used to sterilize, maintain and transport implants, surgical instruments, surgical equipment and textiles. It consists of two main parts: container and lid. The main parts of boxes and lids are pressed from 1050 quality aluminum as a single piece and no welding is used during the production of boxes and lids. Decorative anodization is performed to increase the strength of the box and lid surfaces against external factors. There are no color options on the covers. The lid surface has holes for air pass. Silicone mat, sheet baskets, wire baskets are used as auxiliary materials along with containers. They are manufactured in various types and sizes that are pre-designed according to the needs of the users.

outside dimensions / mm outside dimensions / mm



COLOUR Non-Perforated Perforated | COLOUR Non-Perforated Perforated
GRAY A711.05 A710.05 | GRAY A711.07 A710.07
YELLOW A721.05 A720.05 | YELLOW A721.07 A720.07
RED A731.05 A730.05 | RED A731.07 A730.07
BLUE A741.05 A740.05 | BLUE A741.07 A740.07
GREEN A751.05 A750.05 | GREEN A751.07 A750.07
BLACK A761.05 A760.05 | BLACK A761.07 A760.07

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